Kati Ellis

Kati Ellis has been teaching children for over 20 years in grade levels K4-9th grade. Kati truly enjoys working with all elementary and middle school age children in reading, science, social studies and math, along with the daily organization skills needed to be a successful student. 

Breanne Thomas

Breanne Thomas has a double major in Actuary Science and Mathematics, minoring in Finance and Information Technology. Breanne has strong verbal communication skills, is energetic and organized. She has been honored to be a part of the women's soccer team and the women's lacrosse team for the past 4 years. Breanne is very qualified to tutor math in all grade levels in intermediate elementary, middle school and all levels of high school math.

Julie Kaiser

Julie Kaiser is a doctoral student at UWM studying literature and cultural theory. Julie is also an instructor of first year English students taking composition at UWM and has a passion for all things literary, be it writing a paper or reading a novel. Julie is thrilled and open to work with writers of all levels. 

Owen Lange

Owen Lange is a math/science tutor for students in middle and high school grade levels. His specilaty is in areas of pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, discrete math, differential equations, linear algebra, chemistry, physics, genetics and programming. Owen can analyze student needs and provide relevant strategies, practice, oversight and encouragement.

Morgan Foster

Morgan Foster is currently a PhD candidate at UW-Milwaukee in the English program. Before moving to Milwaukee she was a full-time lecturer in the English and African American Studies departments at UW-Oshkosh, teaching African American literature, first-year, developmental, and advanced writing. Before that, she was an at-risk high school teacher. Morgan believes strong writing skills are the number one skill employers are usually looking for, and writing is a requirement for all jobs, but it is also a skill, one that must be practiced and honed like a musical instrument or sport.