Lakeside Educational Services (LES) is Milwaukee Wisconsin's premiere educational -academic coaching company located on the east side of Milwaukee.

Our services include:

  • Academic coaching/tutoring for all academic areas (K-12)

  • Teaching and strengthening organizational and study skills.

  • Specialing in writing skills for all grade levels.

  • ACT/HSPT and SAT prep

Services are provided for students attending city, suburban, private, and parochial schools; grade levels Kindergarten through college. Tutoring sessions offered for all levels; children at grade level and advanced students, children with disabilities, children struggling with organizational  skills, children struggling in specific skill areas.

My son loves school, no more arguments about completing homework, all assignments are handed in on time. He actually loves to do the writing assignments, that never happened before!
— LES Student Parent

Programs Offered


Early Developmental Reading, Writing and Math

Grades 1-5

All curricular areas, emphasis on reading, language arts/writing, math, organizational skills, study skills, and test taking skills

Grades 6-8

All curricular areas, organization, study skills and test taking skills

Grades 9-12

All high school curricular areas with a strong emphasis on organizational skills, test/quiz/exam taking skills and writing skills

  • ACT/SAT prep/college application essay writing

  • All math/science regular/honors/advanced placement classes

  • Private school entrance exam prep